• Yamin Miah

Why I Started Bubble Mind?

My name is Yamin Miah I am the founder and creator of Bubble Mind. I first created an app for children with autism to help them feel calm and stress free.
I work as a part time tutor and through my tutoring I was able to work with children with autism; I noticed that children with autism respond well to colours, sound and when they are touching something.
During my first year of university I was able to create Bubble Soothe; an app that helps children with autism to feel calm and less stress. I was then invited to Starkfield Primary School (Edmonton) in which I tested out my app on a child with severe autism. Upon meeting the child they were crying and screaming. After using my app for less than 5 minutes the child was happy and smiling. the teachers were impressed on how effective and simple the app was.
Seeing the child smile has given me the motivation to help other children with autism to make their life easier and ensure that they get the best education they deserve.

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