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Lonbrella Interview

Children with autism have many different behaviours; some may behave great whereas other will behave negatively. Whilst working at Explore Learning as a part time tutor, I got the chance to work with autistic children; it was my first-hand experience working with them where I got to see the many ways they interacted with others. It also gave me the chance to understand what they interact positively and negatively to. It became then my inspiration to create apps that will help them remain calm when they are going through an autistic meltdown.

Bubble Mind is a health-tech company helping people manager their mental health. We use technology to help people with autism, stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Our first app focuses on helping children with autism to remain calm whilst in the classroom. It also helps them remain calm when they are going through an autistic meltdown.

As there is no solution to help autistic children with, we have created very different versions of apps to help cater the need of the child. These apps can be used at different times depending on how they are feeling. Most apps use a sound to calm the child down but with Bubble Mind app, we use a combination of sound, touch and visuals to help the child calm down. This will mean that no matter what the child responds to a certain situation, we have got that cover.

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