Welcome Teachers 
Our apps support you while you are teaching. Whether it'll aid your classroom delivery, behaviour management or lesson planning, our apps will make your teaching experience more enjoyable. Our apps use a combination of colours and sounds to help create a soothing atmosphere within your classroom. Our apps are simple and easy to use; open the app and let the app work it's magic.
What to use it for?
Think - pair - share exercises.
Collaborative/group work.
Differentiation for learner styles.
Interactive learning.
SEN friendly.
Our Benefits 



Our apps come with affordability and sustainability. We aim to make all our apps  cost effective without compromising on quality. 

Behavioural Management 

Our apps are designed to reduce the amount of disruptions occurring in your classroom, allowing you to have a smooth learning environment.  



Our apps have been designed with education in mind, to make lessons more interactive, enjoyable and engaging.  
Bubble Smart 




Bubble Soothe 





Current Schools
"The apps that Bubble Mind provides are simple to use for ASD children. The sensory inputs of colour full balls and sounds will allow them to focus on their calming emotions. This app is a great stress reliever tool. Love it."
Lisa NG
HR and Financial Manager at Starksfield Primary School 
"These apps are a unique and exciting way for children and adults who have difficulty in coping with stress. The combined approach of colours, sounds and touch enables the individual to relieve her or himself from external pressures by escaping using online bubbles. this is simplicity at its finest and is a fantastic mindful method."
Janet Lambert
Educational Professional for Children and Young People
"Bubblemind apps are a mind full of their own! It’s core purpose to help students with learning difficulties through stimulation and concentration, has allowed teaching in the 21st century, so much more easier! The emphasis on the use of it’s colours and sounds, helps to build a vibrant classroom full of engagement, rhythm and excitement. Thank you Bubblemind!."
Miss T.Ravi
Teacher of Business Studies