All our apps have been built with your child's well being in mind. Whether it will be within the house, on a family holiday or out and about, this app will give your child an experience they will never forget. Our apps use a combination of colours and sounds to help create a soothing
atmosphere for your child. Our apps are simple and easy to use; open the app and let the app work it's magic.
What's its purpose?
A stress reliever tool.
To help calm a child down.
Behaviour management.
To aid children with autism.  
Our Benefits 

Rapid Response

Our apps have been designed to allow the child to immediately react positively.  
Our apps can be used across all devices allowing you to use it wherever you are. 


Simply Easy

Our apps have a simple design, which  allows the child to use the app without adult supervision.  


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Wrabbles Pro

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